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In our twenties, we loved hiking, camping, backpacking and spending time outdoors.  Much of this love for the outdoors was cultivated by our own parents who would bring us camping, spending time in the forests, and appreciating the amazing landscapes around us.

Then when we had children, we seemed to stop spending as much time outdoors and instead focused on raising our children within our urban environment.  

But something was missing from the hustle and bustle of city life.  It has not been always easy and we have had our share of mishaps, accidents, challenges and temper tantrums while outdoors, but overall the experience of leaving the city and enjoying the outdoors has brought us closer as a family and continues to create amazing memories.  

Over the years, we have fully embraced the outdoors with our children.  We are constantly looking for the next big hike, the next camping trip and the next outdoor adventure.  

We have also made spending time outdoors part of the children's overall narrative and life experiences.  

As social workers by profession, we take pride in parenting our children to the best of our abilities (not perfect!) and creating life long memories that our children will remember, reflect on and continue to be part of their overall identify.

Outdoors is not just something that families 'do' on weekends, its a mindset, its a family narrative, and it shapes the family identity.

Being outdoors teaches about our fragile ecosystem, the respect for the interconnection of nature, the respect for humanity, and an admiration of mother earth.

 We dedicate this site to sharing in our experiences, trips, tricks, and considerations when spending time with children while hiking, summit seeking, backpacking and camping.

We also created this site to share the many photos we have taken along the way.  Rather than sit in folders on our computers, cloud spaces, and our smart phones, we use this site to document, create categories for our photos and to of course share them with other families interested in creating meaningful memories outdoors. 

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