Monday, July 29, 2019

How to combine Nye and Street Peaks in the Adirondacks (NY) on the way to the 46ers

This is our trip to bag Street (ADK 31) and Nye (ADK 45) mountains.  This trail is not officially maintained and the trail is unmarked.  We started this trail a little later in the morning than we wanted.  We began the trail around 8:30 am.  It is a fairly flat, wide trail at first until you reach the turn off to Old Nye Ski Trail.  From there, it is a fairly steady climb, nothing to strenuous just a constant incline.

The river was not too high on this day so jumping rocks was not a problem

Big boulders help to cross the river with little difficulty 
There was a small creek to cross which had several ways to cross.  Rock hopping to start the day off.

The kids loved the log pass, but you can also go around as there are alternate paths here

A little further along the trail you crossed the same creek.  At this crossing you can log walk or rock hop to get across.  The kids really enjoyed the log walk which they have practiced several times before.  Here is where the incline starts. 

Directions for Nye and Street

At the cut off to Street and Nye it was indicated with carvings in a  tree.  Street Mountain is a further distance to the top so we choose to do this one first and then bag Nye on our way back.  

Small sign on the tree indicates you have reached the peak

The top of Street Mountain does not offer a view.  There is a small sign posted as you can see in the picture to indicate the top.  Not a great place for a break.  It is better to break at the base to both Street and Nye.

Coming down from Street, the views of the High Peaks is great

Not a lot of great places for resting along this trail

We then returned to the cut off and headed up Nye.  There is a lookout spot on Nye not far from the top which you can get a bit of a view and take a small break.  

Small sign on the tree indicates you have reached this peak
The top of Nye Mountain does not have much of a view either.  The top is indicated with a small sign posted on a tree.  

Once we were back at the cut off we had a break before we descended down.  There is not a spot to replenish water on this trail until you reach the creek which is not far from the start of the trail so ensure you have packed enough water.  

The hike did take a bit longer than we expected and the views were disappointing.   We also found that this trail had some bugs due to the type of vegetation and the creek.  It was our first two peaks of this trip and we used them as a warm up and to bag two peaks on our goal to complete the 46ers.


Unless you are trying to complete the 46ers in the Adirondacks, you may want to avoid this combination.  There are better peaks in the region with better views.  Most of the people we talked to on the trail were completing these peaks for their way to the completing the 46ers.